Happy Father’s Day

To all of the Dads out there-have an AMAZING holiday weekend!  As most of you know by now, What’s Your Story: Discover the Man Behind Your Dad, my most recent book, launched on June 7th. We had so many great questions posed to us by the media and supporters this past week during the various appearances.  It made us realize more and more the absolute importance of us taking the time to get to know, not only the men in our lives but the people in our lives. Every single one of us has a “story” and we often do not let people in our lives know our backgrounds or our story.  Our hope is that our book inspires a movement whereby people start engaging those around them, especially family members.

Make it a goal this next 6 months to identify at least one Dad in your life and use the questions in What’s Your Story? as a conversation starter to learn their “story.”  The memories and lessons you will hear and experience will be invaluable not to mention your bond with that person will grow stronger!