Meaning of Father’s Day

My name is Marc Gottlieb, I am a basketball coach, a baseball coach, a friend, a mentor, a Chiropractor, a disciplinarian, a chef, a bed maker, a laundry doer, a referee, but most of all a loving father. I have two young boys who have a thirst for life. Father’s day is every day as I chose to set an example for my children on how to be a man of balance.


Balance is defined as a combination of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Each is given ample attention to thrive as part of any one person’s life. Think of being a parent as a balancing act, thus, the many hats I described above. Oftentimes, we are playing many roles for our children, often switching roles minute by minute. All of these, however, are inclusive of our role as a father. Do you, as a dad, set an example of balance for your kids. Create a space to allow yourself to be full first, then make sure you set up life to be present with your kids when you are with them.


Set aside time every week to be with your kids just as a dad. We set aside time every week to do dad and kids’ stuff. A Wiffleball game, breakfast on the beach, a hike, or just going to catch a ball game. Ask your kids what they would like to do with Dad alone this week. Take note of your children’s interests. Dig into them and find out what they love, what fires them up, and pour into that week after week. My kids love sports so living in San Diego makes playing outside easy.

Ask Why and What

When my kids ask a question, I always answer by saying “why do you think” or “what do you think?” This allows a child to think for themselves while most parents just answer their child’s questions. Empower your children to be self-thinkers, problem solvers, and confident little people. The more you allow a child to do this, the stronger, more confident, and more empowered a child will feel. It will bring self-security to the child and let them become more self-directed in life. Allow them to make choices that have consequences. Teach them to make decisions based on possible outcomes allowing them to realize, that in life, all choices lead to some outcome and may not be the outcome they want. This will allow them to handle challenges in life and build character as they grow older. Answer a question with a question and give choices to your kids


We focus a lot on nutrition in our family. We teach our kids that every food either helps or hurts the body so they can make better choices. Almost every disease in this nation is caused by poor choices in nutrition, mindset, or physical lethargy. If we empower our children to eat well, they will have more energy, sleep better, stay off unnecessary medications, and live a more vital life. The contrary can be devastating to a child so I will take my kids out to eat at healthy restaurants, teach them to read labels, and recognize harmful foods. If a child learns how to eat well at an early age, their experience in life can be lived to the fullest. Focus on nutrition and teach your kids about food

Be an Example

Be an example to your kids. If they see you exercise, they will want to. If they see you eat well, they will want to. You are your kid’s hero, you are their mentor, and you are their example. Show your kids it is ok to show emotion, feel hurt, express love, be present, be engaged, and do good for others. They watch up, they admire us, they love us. Our job is not to give the answers but to be the example and create the space for our kids to grow into adults.

I hope this one dad’s opinion on being a father leads all of us into a better place this Father’s Day. We have a huge job, lead our little people into adulthood with confidence, love, support, encouragement, courage, and spirit. Let’s go out this Father’s Day and save the world one kid at a time. I couldn’t ask for a bigger blessing and better job than being a Father. Happy Fathers Day Men!

Marc Gottlieb D.C.