What I Stand For

Happy New Years to all and welcome to 2008!  I wanted to share a piece with you all as you consider your upcoming year, goals and declarations.

Many psychologists note how parents typically hand the habits, behaviors, beliefs and values from their own parents right to their own children.  The real challenge is to ask, How does that baton truly look to you right now-what kind of baton are you handing off to those around you?

One of the biggest distinction I made in just me (like I did as a baby and young child) was to step up to all of my family, friends, clients and hold myself up to some larger commitments in life.  Like I have shared with many of you in the past, the most powerful form of a goal, once it is reduced to writing, is to review it constantly and hold yourself truly accountable to that new identity and outcome.

As such, I want each of you to know that I am committing to all of you, publicly, that I am taking my consulting business to the next level.  The following points outline my commitment to each of you and I hereby give you the authority to step up and voice any feedback to me if you ever see, hear, or notice any type of behavior inconsistent with any of the following:

I will:

-Be relentless as a coach and a friend to holding you accountable,

-Be undying in my pursuit to see you create the master Life Plan,

-Be passionately and brutally honest with you if I ever observe you copping out on yourself, your family, or your desired outcomes,

-Be a caring friend and sometimes a seemingly rigid foe that challenges you to be better-ALWAYS know that being a foe is only coming from a caring place committed to YOU,

-Be 100% consistent in my approach to life and coaching,

-Be prompt and always on time,

-Be my  (if I say I will do it, I will do it),

-Be a role model in every sense of the word-both on our calls and off the calls.  ALWAYS know that I would NEVER ask you to do something I have not or would not be willing to do myself,

-Be absolutely committed to you and your goals, and I promise to NEVER cop out on you in any way, shape, or form.  I will always stand for you and hold you to your word.  Without our word, we are NOTHING!!!

With these now public and declared, I want to know two things from each of you:

1.Will you commit to this, for both of us, in our current (or future) relationship?

2.Lastly, are you living your life everyday according to some similar plan, for you, in your life?