28 Day Challenge

As some of you have seen in some of my recent social media posts, I decided to take on a personal 28-Day Challenge this past couple weeks. As I write this post, I am now 10 days in with 18 to go and I am feeling great. The goal was NOT meant to be just physical or to lose weight; rather to challenge myself to do several things in the areas of my life that matter most for 28 straight days. For example, reading, writing, reaching out to longtime friends, more quality time with my two sons, exercising twice per day for the month, eating a very healthy diet which cuts out the food items that don’t support my best energy (ie. sodas, starchy carbs, caffeine, alcohol, treats/desserts, etc). In addition, re-conditioning my previous sleep patterns over the 28 day period–go to bed earlier (for me) before 11pm and be up before 6am the next day. As a sporadic sleeper, given my travels and calendar, I have finally settled into a routine and it feels great.

I will be writing a lot more as the month continues. In the meanwhile, I would encourage you to challenge yourself in some way similarly. Trust me, you will NOT regret it!