One Month Challenge

As many of you know, I decided to do a one-month challenge this past month. Call it age, call it personal, call it something to get me out of my comfort zone…..who knows? Likely all of the above. I have received a lot of questions asking me about what exactly is involved. Below is the actual write-up I did in my journal to kick this off. It definitely shifted my paradigm in many ways. I lost 13 lbs which wasn’t the intent but meal planning and getting rid of starchy carbs, eating out, alcohol, sugars, etc, and losing weight would likely happen anyway. I was advised by my trainer and a nutritionist ahead of time to make sure I do the same before making such an extreme program. Feel free to email me with any questions.

–Weight Goal of a Solid 175 lbs
–Body Fat Loss of 3-5%
–Before and After Test of BP, BMI, etc
–Visual 6 pack
–Lean visual muscle mass
–Lower levels of cholesterol, enzymes, BP, etc
–The best cardio shape I have ever been in—crush the treadmill at an easy 7:30 pace
–Get me out of my CZ in many areas
–Set a new example for my clients
–Spend more time w/ the Boys in the next month and be the BEST Dad you can be. “EWM” (Every Waking Moment is the theme). Turn off your phone at home.
–Connect w/ at least 10 friends like never before
–Read 4 books on personal development
–Rejuvena tests at the end of the cycle
–Do a thistle or full-blown kidney/liver cleanse at the beginning (14 Days)
–Set an L.I. exam for July post month
–Reset household patterns including beds, patterns, reading, swimming, etc

ROE (Rules of Engagement)
–No caffeine
–No alcohol
–No fast food
–No red meats
–No eating out. If w/ clients, only H2O, grilled chicken or white fish + veggies
–No sweets/treats
–Focus on raw fruits and veggies daily as my staple
–Morning/Night Prayer Ritual
–Write down every day’s plan and track—what’s is written is real!
–Journal 3 x’s week esp. for the Boys
–Share with Monica way more and quit stuffing down
–Read the daily quotes and listen to my music plan in the office for 30 mins. before work/daily.
–2 Gallons of H2O per day
–Sleep of at least 6.5 hours per night
–Shakes and Egg Whites in the morning
–Goal Target of Net loss 1400 kcal per day
–Massage 2 times in the month
–Regular Schedule of bedtime and rising
–Utilize the fridge at the office for preparing foods for mid-day, snacks, etc
–Take self before and after pics
–Make this a permanent lifestyle change
–Incorporate multiple workouts—hot yoga, core, Cross Fit, running outside, etc
–Self Discipline no matter what–guests, trips, events, etc
–Consistent Daily Habits inc. work scheduling to budget for meals
–Track everything daily via
–Steam Daily for at least 20 mins.
–Follow the high protein plan (155 grams per day)
–Take natural daily supplements
–Men’s Multi-Vitamin Daily
–Monitor BP throughout the week during the month
–Set the parameters of food intake so to eat similar meals each day
–45+ Workouts in a month

–Low/nonfat cottage cheese
–Lots of egg whites hard-boiled
–Protein supplement with morning shakes
–Tuna high protein white in water
–Halibut High Protein
–Lots of chicken breasts (no skin)
–Salmon or Halibut fillets grilled
–Soy Beans
–Berries of all sorts (straw, blue, ras, black)
–Almond milk only for the month
–Yogurt (low or nonfat)
–Turkey breasts
–Oatmeal dry
–Brocolli, asparagus, green beans
–All salads are good with low-fat vinaigrette
–Baked potatoes an OK couple of times a week for dinner
–Brown long grain rice for dinner a couple of times per week