Mid-Year Check In

June 30th marks the end of the 2nd quarter and the first half of the year. I always like to take this time of year and do a mid-year check-in on my personal and professional goals. Think of the mid-year check as 3 distinct areas to consider when conducting this written exercise:

–The Past (Acknowledge your 6-month highlights of the year thus far)
–The Present (State of the Union)
–The Future (Recommitment to your 2nd half of the year goals)

This written exercise should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete. I like to use my calendar as a quick refresher to the first 6 months of the year as I write down my highlights of the first half. Who did you meet? What did you accomplish? Where did you travel to? Did you have any setbacks? Goals that you focused on during the first 6 months?

In the second step (Present), I like to address how I am feeling right now, going into the second half of the year. Am I eager, excited, frustrated, proud, or focused? This is an opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself on your mindset and approach going into the second half. This might be a couple of paragraphs in your journal.

In the third and final step (recommitment to goals), I like to look over my year-long goals and give myself an assessment with the idea of renewing some actions and behaviors that maybe I got away from the first 6-months of the year. I am not a fan of deleting goals that I am behind on in the year; rather, recommitment certain specific actions to these goals to get back on track.

Take the time to do this exercise the next week. Remember, “What’s written is REAL so make this a reality for you and those around you!”