Mr. Rhett Update

Well, Rhett is already 17 days young and its hard to believe that the last two weeks has buzzed by so quickly. Mom is doing well in her recovery and Rhett is literally growing by the day–the doctor’s are saying growth is about an ounce per day in these initial phases of growth…wow!

It was nice to take two full weeks off from work. One of my favorite things to do was to have Rhett sleep on my chest in the middle of the mornings when he napped. Just feeling the weight of his little body against mine and knowing he is so peaceful. He is opening his eyes alot and is very alert these days so its nice to just be able to look into his pretty blue eyes. So far, he is a very mellow and even tempered baby–sleeps very well and only cries when he needs something from us….keeping the fingers crossed that he stays this way. Stay tuned!