One Week Down

Well, Mr. Rhett Lindstrom officially turned one-week young this morning (Friday, August 1st). He is doing awesome and mom is improving by the day.   Rhett has been an absolute joy to be around this past week.   Both Monica and I were totally off from work so we slept alot, napped some more and hung out with the little man as much as we could when he was actually awake.

Research shows that the average newborn in their first month is only awake and “active” about 5-7 minutes per hour on a 24-hour schedule.   That equates to about 2.25 hours of actual awake time per day so we really do pour the love on heavy when he is awake and active.

Looks like he will have a full head of hair, assuming he follows the typical male hair gene which is the mother’s father. So unlike dad, the bald one, he will have some hair.   People say Rhett has my smile and dimples, has mom’s skin tone and facial features so we are excited to see how he actually matures into a young man one day.

Stay tuned as we will post some of his pictures on the BLOG this next week.

Proud Father,